A blog a place to post it all right? So, here we go… been gone for a while so definitely we have a lot to catch up on. This semester I have been gone and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been learning about life, love, friends, and everything else crazy in this big, bad world. Who knew in just one semester I could learn so much about myself? Who knew someone could walk in and out of your life so quickly and change you so much? How about loosing someone you love and did not realize the pain it would cause until you see your best friend crying. Another big question how school could be such a pain but still has me in class every week. Learned running from all your problems does not always fix them but instead might even cause more.
Saying all that this semester was defiantly not all bad. Traveling to places I never thought I would see. Smiled and cried over things that I thought never could even catch my eye. Hung out with friends that showed me life for more than what I ever thought it would be. All while having someone love me more than I could even imagine showing myself and supported me threw it all. For that sir I thank you. I built time and friendship for people who I never even thought I could be close with.
So yep I’ve been gone but I’m back now so tell me what you’ve learned? I’m ready to listen…


j.odora xox














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