who are you? 

questions on questions are something I get everyday. These are all just parts of life that we have to face everyday. Sometimes I complain and sometimes I just get annoyed by them but I deal. Recently the questions grow worst but my life grows better. My age helps me grow each day but with that I also learn a little more about myself. I’m not saying I know all the answers but I do that I’m becoming happier. People come for the good and leave for the bad and I’ve learned this. I can never take a step back and change from person I was, but the person I’m becoming I love hell of a a lot more. I don’t sit like a lady and I don’t dress like a boy and that’s all because that’s not who I am. I’m different but happy and I know that I might not be an answer enough for everyone and for that… who cares. So many questions are asked in a day and so many of them seem to feel like they must have an answer right or wrong answer. That’s not the case. How you can you write a story until you have finished the journey? Me, I’m writing my story and everyday and I learn more and more so I can complete this ultimate book that I can one day share with my family to let them know what I was really like. At 22 though I have no answers to people’s questions. Only question I ever have and wonder most… what crazy thing will I do next.

j.odora xox


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