starting fresh

Still on my rant about how to change things up in life.
After meeting a man this weekend who had nothing but the poems he wrote to his name I realized that sometimes that is all people have. He wasn’t upset and he wasn’t asking for anything but for someone to take his writing and read them.
As I read it he tells you how things are hard but you cannot have anything happen to you that you are not able to handle.
Instead of looking at something as why me, but instead look at it as I am so strong that this is just something else trying to bring me down.
With summer coming to an end start thinking why are you so lucky to be so strong.

j.odora xox


around the world in 27 days

Why stay still when you can travel. Learning staying still can not always be the best way to learn yourself. Going different places with friends can just sometimes be the best cure for anything. Not every social event must you attend and not every dinner must you go to. Some days just getting in the car and going for a ride with the windows down for a good hike, better music, and the greatest friends can fix that heartache you never saw an end to. From being in love, to being alone you learn that sometimes you learn that the time alone isn’t really time alone but just time for you to find yourself and do something different. Fixing your surroundings might just be the best start to learning who you really are and really learning to love yourself.

j.odora xox