It’s 2017 right?

A LOT HAS CHANGED! I did not realize how much more I need to update. With so many things to catch up on I feel like this will making updating much easier right? Well, lets start from the beginning I GRADUATED COLLEGE. I have moved and I am ready to take on the real world. Very short& brief I know but I have many more exciting messages coming for you guys.. so just SIT BACK.. RELAX..& LETS SEE WHAT I GOT NEXT!


starting fresh

Still on my rant about how to change things up in life.
After meeting a man this weekend who had nothing but the poems he wrote to his name I realized that sometimes that is all people have. He wasn’t upset and he wasn’t asking for anything but for someone to take his writing and read them.
As I read it he tells you how things are hard but you cannot have anything happen to you that you are not able to handle.
Instead of looking at something as why me, but instead look at it as I am so strong that this is just something else trying to bring me down.
With summer coming to an end start thinking why are you so lucky to be so strong.

j.odora xox

around the world in 27 days

Why stay still when you can travel. Learning staying still can not always be the best way to learn yourself. Going different places with friends can just sometimes be the best cure for anything. Not every social event must you attend and not every dinner must you go to. Some days just getting in the car and going for a ride with the windows down for a good hike, better music, and the greatest friends can fix that heartache you never saw an end to. From being in love, to being alone you learn that sometimes you learn that the time alone isn’t really time alone but just time for you to find yourself and do something different. Fixing your surroundings might just be the best start to learning who you really are and really learning to love yourself.

j.odora xox




Definition of blind is to not be able to see simplified. Everyday I walk through life and do not see what everyone else sees and I see things people do not see; so does that make everyone blind? How can a definition define something but when you try and to apply to day to day life it does not apply? That what shows itself is what I see and what does not show itself is something I am not trying to see. The point of life is to live in that moment and not to go around and look for what everyone else sees. I am not a robot and we as a human kind are not robots so why are we following behind to see what everyone else sees. Random morning rant I know but do you ever wonder why?

j.odora xox

What is real?

Just because you have know the most people in the room doesn’t make them your friends, and just because you go out every weekend does not make you a partier. Smiling in a room full of people doesn’t make you happy. As people we do do things just because it accommodates others all the time and do not realize the effects it has on us! I trying to learn the real meaning of happiness and all my life I can say that I could say that I have been a reasonability happy person. Receiving everything I want in life but this one thing. It’s the things that you cannot have that will become the thing that you want the most and also the thing that will hurt you the deepest. Telling you do not to let these things effect you would be a simple to say but not as simple to do because I cannot even figure out yet how to do that. Channeling though what I know how to do best I am learning is the key answer is really time. Focus on what you know and focus on what you are good at and not what that situation. Do not let one thing make you think you are something you are not because as soon as you do your whole life will feel upside down. Your life will feel like a constant question and then you will never see a smile again. Instead let things happen and let all answers come to you. If something was meant to be it will happen smoothly and if it was not it won’t happen and you will move on in your own time. You will see why it came into your life and will be able to accept the situation as a learning experience. Take this time out and just pull away and focus on you and most of all..

be who you know you are.


j.odora xox


A blog a place to post it all right? So, here we go… been gone for a while so definitely we have a lot to catch up on. This semester I have been gone and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been learning about life, love, friends, and everything else crazy in this big, bad world. Who knew in just one semester I could learn so much about myself? Who knew someone could walk in and out of your life so quickly and change you so much? How about loosing someone you love and did not realize the pain it would cause until you see your best friend crying. Another big question how school could be such a pain but still has me in class every week. Learned running from all your problems does not always fix them but instead might even cause more.
Saying all that this semester was defiantly not all bad. Traveling to places I never thought I would see. Smiled and cried over things that I thought never could even catch my eye. Hung out with friends that showed me life for more than what I ever thought it would be. All while having someone love me more than I could even imagine showing myself and supported me threw it all. For that sir I thank you. I built time and friendship for people who I never even thought I could be close with.
So yep I’ve been gone but I’m back now so tell me what you’ve learned? I’m ready to listen…


j.odora xox