It’s 2017 right?

A LOT HAS CHANGED! I did not realize how much more I need to update. With so many things to catch up on I feel like this will making updating much easier right? Well, lets start from the beginning I GRADUATED COLLEGE. I have moved and I am ready to take on the real world. Very short& brief I know but I have many more exciting messages coming for you guys.. so just SIT BACK.. RELAX..& LETS SEE WHAT I GOT NEXT!


Late words

each day is a new start right ? some people say Monday is a new start to each week or the first of the month is the new start to a month. but, why ? what if you don’t want to start your week till Tuesday or Wednesday of that week or maybe the first of the month you just weren’t ready for that month to start so you want a redo and pick another to “start”? well today begins MY NEW spring semester, and I decided to take my time and wait a few before I just jumped into starting. good luck to all that haven’t started and better luck to the ones who decided to already start and for us who are take it each day at a time good luck to beginning your new path.

j.odora xox