what’s in your control?

You wake up every morning.. Weather and time already decided but everything else in your hands. Why not make those choices be something to remember! Wake up and go run in the snow for friends up north or down south why not go lay in the park and read a book with this warm weather. No matter what its like around you, you might not be able to control it but you can for sure make the best of it.

j.odora xox






Late words

each day is a new start right ? some people say Monday is a new start to each week or the first of the month is the new start to a month. but, why ? what if you don’t want to start your week till Tuesday or Wednesday of that week or maybe the first of the month you just weren’t ready for that month to start so you want a redo and pick another to “start”? well today begins MY NEW spring semester, and I decided to take my time and wait a few before I just jumped into starting. good luck to all that haven’t started and better luck to the ones who decided to already start and for us who are take it each day at a time good luck to beginning your new path.

j.odora xox


have your coffee and drink it too

Sunday mornings are the best day to find what makes happy and focus on it! I use this day to look over my favorite winter fashion and sip on my coffee. Favorite part of the day is filling out my calendar knowing what I have to do and what new adventures will come. use this day to stay focused and prepare for everything wonderful that has yet to come. so put your feet up, get a warm drink and pull your laptop close… Sunday’s are for relaxation so show the world how you do it.

j.odora xox